Broomfield police seeking information related to recent vandalisms

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A TikTok challenge where users vandalize public places has come to Broomfield, officials say.

Broomfield police are seeking additional information after a restroom in Anthem Community Park was recently vandalized and a fully mature tree was cut down in Quail Creek Park.

“While we believe these incidents to be unrelated, we do want to take a proactive step by notifying the community to keep an eye out. If something doesn’t look right, sound right or seems odd please let us know,” the city and county shared on its Facebook page.

The post states that the cutdown tree “is especially hurtful” because a single mature tree absorbs carbon dioxide at a rate of 21.6 kilograms a year and also releases enough oxygen into the atmosphere to support two humans.

“Come on Broomfield, let’s make sure that everyone knows we value all elements of our community, and together we can send the message that those activities won’t be tolerated here,” the post continues.

Individuals with information about the two recent vandalism incidents or other vandalisms are asked to contact the Broomfield Police Department via email at, via phone at 303-438-6400 or direct messaging one of the department’s social media accounts.