Bookwoman: A well-written mystery

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“Exit” by Belinda Bauer

The Exiteers are an underground group of British volunteers who “assist” those wanting to end their own lives due to terminal illness. Everything they do is legal; they are simply present as witnesses and to tie up loose ends. Felix is a member of this group, a retired widower hoping to make a small difference in the world.

Felix is guiding Amanda, a new Exiteer, through the process when things go exceedingly awry, and they end up killing the wrong person. Shocked, Felix and Amanda flee the scene, unfortunately leaving behind clues that will probably lead the police to them.

From this point on, the story becomes an amusing farce/mystery. Who arranged things so Felix would make the mistake? What connections do the other people in the household have to the incident? What happens to the intended patient now?

The narrative is strewn with red herrings. People on the local police force become part of the puzzle. A group from the neighborhood betting parlor are also somehow involved.

I was surprised by plot twists a number of times, and did not guess the actual murderer who was revealed in the final chapter. A well-written mystery all around!

Kerry Pettis is a retired elementary school teacher and children’s librarian who has lived in Broomfield since 1975. Reading is her favorite occupation.